Friday, September 28, 2012

More Hawk Migration

After yesterday's success with hawks, I figured I would try it again this afternoon.  From about 4-5:30 in the evening I stared up at the sky, with a few quick break for some other birds.  I didn't have as many individual hawks as yesterday but I got some excellent birds anyway.  The first two raptors I saw ended up being American Kestrels; I hadn't had that species in the yard for a few years.

Adult Bald Eagle-a group of this eagle and another adult were in view for
about 10 minutes.  This was a new yard bird and a great way to end the

A Cooper's Hawk that went over rather quickly.  Notice the straight edge
to the forewing and the prominent white tip to the tail.

Red-tailed Hawk-an interesting bird that came over.  As you can see it
is partially albino, also called leucistic.  A few of the primaries and
secondaries are completely white!  Other than that it looked like a fairly
normal Red-tailed Hawk.

One of the birds that was a nice distraction from the raptors, a Nashville

Another of the birds that was a distraction, a Philadelphia Vireo.
Raptor Totals:
Cooper's Hawk-1
Bald Eagle-2
Broad-winged Hawk-11
Red-tailed Hawk-2
American Kestrel-2
Peregrine Falcon-1


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