Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Late White-eyed Vireo

While out birding at Eagle Creek Park this morning, a quick check of the marina for waterfowl turned up a couple unexpected species.  A Northern Harrier (uncommon for the park, migrating over) and a late White-eyed Vireo.  High numbers of waterfowl have been on the move throughout the Great Lakes region which has given all of us Eagle Creek birders some great birds to watch.  Each day in the last three has brought different species compositions and abundances.  

White-eyed Vireo-it had been a month since I had last seen this species at Eagle Creek Park.

Bonaparte's Gull-one of a small flock

Horned Grebe-yesterday there were a couple rafts of this species, today
only a few individuals

Female Purple Finch-there have been large flocks of these around the
Skating Pond.


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