Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Strange Chickadee at the Feeders

On Tuesday, my wife found a very strange chickadee at our feeders. I was at work and unfortunately never saw the bird, but she grabbed my camera and got some great shots!

This bird is what we call leucistic. It has normal plumage but is paler than it should be. You can learn more about pigment disorders on the Cornell website

Have you ever seen a strange bird like this at your feeders?



Scott H. said...

I know it's not the point of the post, but that feeder is fascinating. Can you give any details about it?

Rob Ripma said...

The feeders is a seed cylinder feeder from Wild Birds Unlimited. I have a 4.5 pound cranberry fare cylinder on mine and the birds love it!

Anonymous said...

Any possibility of CACH X TUTI?

It is an interesting bird, for sure. Too bad no shots from the front.

Amy Kearns

Rob Ripma said...

The shape and structure of the bird looks totally chickadee to me. I wish I had been home in time to see this bird, it sure is a cool individual!