Thursday, October 4, 2012

Best Field Guide for Sparrows

With sparrow migration kicking into full gear across much of the northern United States there is no better time to become familiar with the various species that could occur near you.  The following two guides will quickly improve your field identification and can also help you with identifying sparrows you have taken pictures of.

1.  A Guide to the Identification and Natural History of The Sparrows of the United States and Canada-This is a great guide if you prefer illustrations instead of photos.  This guide starts with accounts of each species which includes such information as Identification, Similar Species, Voice, Habits, Habitats, Measurements, History, and much more.  It's about as complete of a guide as you could ever ask for.  These accounts are followed by plates of each species that occurs in the United States and Canada


2. Sparrows of the United States and Canada: The Photographic Guide - This book offers extensive information on each species. The amount of photos included is really amazing and will undoubtedly help you learn how to identify each species in varying plumages. Unlike the guide above, the photos of the species are located right along side the descriptions not on separate plates. I really like how detailed the range maps are and how photos of multiple subspecies are shown when appropriate such as with Fox and Savannah Sparrows.

-Rob and Eric

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