Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Book Review: Kaufman Field Guide to Nature of New England

My immediate reaction to this book when I opened it was "Wow, I can't believe how much information Kenn and Kimberly were able to get into one book!" It is incredible that we are able to get an extremely high quality guide to all the nature of New England in such a small package

It seems that every time I am out birding, I get distracted by other aspects of nature. But I never carry all of my field guides with me, so I can't always figure out what everything is. The Kaufman Field Guide to Nature of New England gives you everything you need all in one place. From maps of the night sky to information on clams, crabs, and seaweeds, this guide has it all.

Everything is laid out in a very intuitive and easy to follow way. The birds and many other categories are organized by family (as us birders are used to), but the Kaufmans made it much easier to find flowers in the book by organizing them by color.

There is also a very important chapter at the end of the book about conservation in New England. Many authors would have considered their guide complete without this, but Kenn and Kimberly went above and beyond to included this very important information.

I would highly recommend that anyone interested in nature that is either visiting or living in New England purchase the Kaufman Field Guide to Nature of New England. If you are in other areas of the country, be sure keep an eye out for more nature guides from the Kaufmans in the future!

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Janet K said...

Thanks for this review. I have been looking for a book for my brother in law, who lives on Cape Cod. I think this will be the one that I get him. I may even pick a copy up for myself, since we will be in New England over the holiday.

Rob Ripma said...

Thanks Janet! It is definitely a great book for anyone who likes nature that lives in or is visiting New England!