Monday, October 15, 2012

Hawk Migration: Accipiters

The weather forecast looked good for hawk migration this morning, so when I saw a migrating Sharp-shinned Hawk while filling up some feeders, I decided to spend the morning looking at the sky.  The conditions deteriorated throughout the day so most birds moved through before noon, especially the accipiters.  I ended the morning with about 20 raptors migrating over, about 6 each of Sharp-shinned, Cooper's, and Red-tailed Hawks.  Luckily, there were also some other birds migrating; I had three Pine Siskins (which still haven't come to the feeders), Horned Larks, and both Tree and Barn Swallow.  

One of the adult Cooper's Hawks that was in full soar.  As with all Cooper's Hawks that are soaring, this one
looks like a flying cross.

One of the Sharp-shinned Hawks in full soar.  As with all Sharp-shinned Hawks that are soaring, this one
looks like a flying "T".

The third Bald Eagle to be seen from the yard.  This one didn't stick
around for too long.
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