Monday, October 22, 2012

Book Review: Hawks in Flight


Wow, the second edition of Hawks in Flight makes the first edition look like a fairly useless guide!  The entire layout has been changed which has made the new edition much more understandable, when it comes to hawk identification.

Some of the changes include:

  • Integration of photos and illustrations into each species account.
  • Color coded pages for each group of hawks
  • Addition of species that have a limited range such as Snail Kite and Aplomado Falcon
  • Addition of color photos that are helpful and easy to see
Some aspects that were taken out of the first edition that I wish they would have kept include:
  • The page of head-on profiles . . . That's it!

So, as you can see, I would highly suggest purchasing the second edition over the first edition.  But, what about those other great hawk identification books that I discussed here (includes the first edition).  

Each has it's advantages over the other.  Both of the Liguori books have more photos for each species but there aren't any illustrations as there is in Hawks in Flight.  The aspect of Hawks in Flight that makes it a breakthrough guide is the way that the illustrations, photos, and description of the species are integrated.  In Hawks at a Distance, there is a page for each species showing the birds in as many positions as possible (about 40 photos for each species) that makes this guide worth purchasing (even if for no other reason than this).

All three of these guides are essential to birders learning how to identify hawks in flight.  I would highly recommend any one or all three of these guides!


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