Thursday, October 4, 2012

Le Conte's Sparrow Photos

After visiting the Lebanon Business Park on Monday and not having any luck with photographing Le Conte's  Sparrows, one of my goals over the next couple weeks was to get photos of one.  So, this morning Rob, Eric Malbone, Ryan Sanderson, and I headed out to see both Le Conte's and Nelson's Sparrows.  We were successful on both fronts with fairly good views of a Nelson's Sparrow quickly after we arrived.  Once we got to the smaller pond we found a cooperative Le Conte's that we were all able to get some photos of.

Le Conte's Sparrow-this fairly cooperative bird sat up, partially in the open and allowed us to get some photos.

The same Le Conte's once the sun had come out

This Osprey was cooperative and flew right by us

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