Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Raymond Worth Park, Coxhall Gardens

I had driven by Raymond Worth Park many times in the past few years and had never stopped to see what birds were around.  It looked like it had some nice sparrow habitat so I decided to head out there this morning in hopes of some unusual sparrows.  As always, it was great fun to bird a new place where you don't know exactly where to expect every species to show itself.  

It is a very small park, at just 18 acres and is dominated by shrubby habitat that looked great for a few species of breeding birds that I do not get too often in Hamilton County.  This will give me a great reason to head back out there in the spring or summer when I get a chance.  The sparrows didn't disappoint, as I ended with 7 species, the clear highlight being a Lincoln's Sparrow.  Other great birds included both of the kinglets, a flyover Pine Siskin, and a Winter Wren. 

A Blue Jay with wings tucked.

A Blue Jay with wings spread.

Lincoln's Sparrow-a bird that I don't see often enough in Hamilton County
I was hoping to find new areas to look for Nelson's and Le Conte's Sparrows and since Raymond Worth Park didn't have any great habitat for either I visited Coxhall Gardens.  I have visited Coxhall Gardens for about 5 years with hopes of finding Nelson's and Le Conte's Sparrows and today I finally got half way there.  One Nelson's Sparrow was cooperative enough to hop into view for a good two seconds before disappearing.  I spent a long time trying to get a photo but I just couldn't get any clear views after the brief encounter.  However, my searching wasn't entirely worthless, as I did have a Marsh Wren, two Wilson's Snipe, and a Sora. 

Yellow-rumped Warbler with something tasty!
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