Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Raymond Worth Park

Yesterday, I made my second visit to Raymond Worth Park.  On the first visit, I realized how much habitat in the park is perfect for sparrows.  And since we are in the middle of sparrow migration I figured I would stop by.  So, I met Rob out there for some sparrow watching and just as I was impressed on my first visit, I was impressed this time as well.  Although it is a tiny park, we quickly checked off nine species of sparrows and we even had an Orange-crowned Warbler!

One of the 35+ White-throated Sparrows; this one actually posed nicely for a pic!

A terrible shot of the Orange-crowned Warbler . . .
at least you can tell what it is.

Another White-throated Sparrow.  Look at that
beautiful back pattern!

One of my favorite sparrows, the White-crowned.  We had many of these as
After birding at Raymond Worth we went to Coxhall Gardens to look for Nelson's and Le Conte's Sparrow.  We didn't find either but we did have one Sora.  The birding was quickly stopped when Rob lost his balance and had to jump into the marsh so he wouldn't ruin all his equipment . . . if only I had been able to snap a photo of that!



Sam Brunson said...

White-throated Sparrows are awesome! I had a pair come through yesterday. Great pics! :)

Eric Ripma said...

Thanks, Sam!