Monday, November 26, 2012

Answer to Bird Quiz #153 - Cassin's Kingbird

This week was a very strong finish to our November bird quiz series with lots of correct answers. We had two people get all of the quizzes correct, Landon Neumann and Nick Kiehl, and the winner is Landon! The next quiz will be the first in another series of four quizzes for another t-shirt!

Last Week's Quiz:

How to Identify:

Our bird this week can be fairly easily identified as a kingbird for a few simple reasons. The gray head and chest, yellow belly, long tail and primary projection, and the thick, fairly long bill eliminate all other birds. They gray back and what appears to be a mostly gray chest quickly eliminate Couch’s and Tropical Kingbirds. The long, black tail and the long primary projection with primaries extending beyond the undertail coverts eliminated Couch’s and Tropical Kingbirds as well. So, we are down to Western and Cassin’s Kingbirds which can be difficult to identify in some situations; luckily we can see the field marks that separate these two species. The white-tipped tail (instead of white-edged down the sides in Western) and the distinct white chin of the Cassin’s Kingbird are quite noticeable. Also the dark gray back instead of a greenish back in Western helps to identify this as a Cassin’s. The darker gray chest and head (than Western) as well as the whitish edged wing coverts are just icing on the cake for this identification.

Next Quiz:

The first quiz in our next series of quizzes can be found at


Casey said...

Can I get a free t-shirt for getting the last 4 right and being your biggest fan? I somehow didn't make the final cut but still love the weekly quiz. December is mine!

Rob Ripma said...

Hi Casey! I am really sorry about leaving you out of the bird quiz results. For some reason I missed your name on the first quiz of the series but just went back and you did have all of them right! Since it was my mistake, we would be happy to send you a shirt as well!

I will send you an email here in a little bit to get an address to send it to.