Monday, December 10, 2012

Answer to Bird Quiz #155 - Stilt Sandpiper

As usual, when we include a shorebird in our quiz, people find it challenging. Even though this was a very tough quiz, eight people got the answer correct!

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How to Identify:

Based on habitat and the structure of the bird, it is very evident that this is some species of shorebird. Size is hard to judge from this photograph so it is not all that helpful. We can see that this bird has plain gray upperparts. It also has a pretty long slightly drooping bill. If we look closely at the head, we will notice that it has a very sloped forehead and a pretty distinct white eyebrow. All of these field marks lead us to identify this bird as a Stilt Sandpiper. The bill helps us to eliminate the dowitchers from consideration and the distinct white eyebrow helps us to eliminate Dunlin. Dunlin would also show a more decurved bill than this Stilt Sandpiper.

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