Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Answer to Bird Quiz #157 - Long-billed Thrasher

It took me awhile but I have updated the bird quiz on our website! We had a lot of answers to the last quiz but only 6 people got the answer correct. Everyone else answered with Brown Thrasher. We were left with three people that got the answer correct on all of the December quizzes and the winner of the t-shirt was Cole DiFabio from Kirtland, OH! We are going to offer another set of four quizzes this month for another t-shirt!

Last Week's Quiz:

How to Identify:

Even though our bird is not completely visible it is quite easy to identify as a thrasher due to the long tail, fairly long bill, brown upperparts, and streaked underside.  Since we know that this is a thrasher the reddish-brown upperparts eliminate all of our options except for Brown and Long-billed Thrashers.  The combination of gray cheek and dark brown to black streaking are id features for Long-billed.  Brown show a brighter brown face and (usually) reddish-tinged streaks.  Brown Thrasher also averages a richer brown on the upperparts.  The bill is another clue; Long-billed tends to have a finer, more curved bill than Brown.  And lastly our bird has very short primary projection, another mark for Long-billed Thrasher.  So, our bird can be identified as a Long-billed Thrasher.

Next Quiz:

The next quiz is posted on and is the first quiz in the January series of quizzes.

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