Monday, January 28, 2013

Birding Mountain Pine Ridge in Belize

These photos are from our time while in Mountain Pine Ridge, Belize.

Once you reach Douglas D'Silva Forest Station in
the forest you have to go through a military
checkpoint.  It is mainly for the visitors' safety.
Needless to say . . . I'm the one in the middle.

Our first morning at D'Silva was constant rain and fog.  Our one highlight
was a cooperative Azure-crowned Hummingbird.

1000 Foot Fall-This beautiful waterfall is a great
location to watch the Orange-breasted Falcon.
While waiting for them to make a pass, you have
a great view!

Rio Frio Cave-An unbelievably cool spot.  We visited
in the middle of the day so the birding was slow but
it was still well worth the stop!

The sign for Rio Frio Caves-We thought we had
reached the caves and were very unimpressed.
Luckily, we continued further on and realized we hadn't
went far enough . . . the actual cave was awesome.


Jeremy Davis said...

Great photos of the hummingbird and the soldiers. I like how your birding attire didn't change at all between Indiana and Belize!

Did you have many problems with humidity and condensation while you were birding down there? It seems like that might wreak havoc with optics.

Eric Ripma said...

Thanks Jeremy,

We didn't have too many problems with optics while birding down there. There were a couple humid lowland places that caused some fogging of the binoculars in Mexico.