Thursday, January 10, 2013

Long-eared and Saw-whet Owls-Birding Cass County

Eric writes:  This morning Rob and I headed to Logansport, IN to look for Long-eared Owl which Landon Neumann had found a couple days ago.  After picking up Landon we headed to the pine stand that the owls had been using recently.  Within a few minutes of arriving at the pine stand, Rob and I were staring up into a tree with whitewash around the base, when Rob spotted the bird.  We were quite happy with just this one owl but we kept searching through some of the other pines.  When we were about to leave, I looked up into one more pine to find a Northern Saw-whet Owl staring down at me.

Long-eared Owl-this one saw us well before we saw it, we left fairly
quickly so the owl wouldn't leave it's roost.
Northern Saw-whet Owl-my favorite owl species, this one was using the
same pine stand as the Long-eared Owl
After our very successful search for owls we birded along Georgetown Road along the Wabash River.  Quite a few waterfowl were using the river, as well as many Bald Eagles.  Some of the highlights included a continuing Tundra Swan, a flock of Common Goldeneye, and Northern Pintail.  In some grasslands along the river we found a Rough-legged Hawk.  We decided to go look for owls at a private pine stand that Landon had permission to bird.  As soon as we turned to head that way we found a great bird; an Eastern Phoebe.  When we arrived at the pine stand we were quickly greeted by a Barred Owl.  We also found, a presumably, second Barred Owl a couple hundred feet away.  After a couple more quick stops, and a couple more good birds such as Turkey Vulture and more Rough-legged Hawks, we called it a day.

Tundra Swan-a continuing bird along the Wabash River

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