Tuesday, January 1, 2013

"Oregon" Dark-eyed Junco

Eric writes:  As always, the best way to start off the new year is with a great bird.  Today while watching the Song, Fox, White-throated, White-crowned, and American Tree Sparrows under the feeder this "Oregon" Dark-eyed Junco made an appearance.  I had seen this "type" a couple times in Indiana but never at my feeders!

Oregon Dark-eyed Junco-a male I believe
It came back a few times after I initially saw it . . . so hopefully it sticks around for a while.

Happy New Year!


Unknown said...

And I had a Slate-colored Junco among all my Oregon Juncos at my feeder near Boise, Idaho.

Rob Ripma said...

Looks like we traded our normal subspecies!