Thursday, February 21, 2013

Green-tailed Towhee in Indiana

Eric writes:

This morning, I headed up to Logansport to pick up Landon Neumann to look for a Green-tailed Towhee that was being seen at feeders in Huntington, IN.  When we arrived, we were a bit surprised by the location.  There isn't a whole lot of habitat around for a towhee, but after about 35 minutes the Green-tailed Towhee appeared under the feeder.

The Green-tailed Towhee next to one of the many House Sparrows
visiting the feeders.
Spectacular Green-tailed Towhee habitat.  All it takes is some feeders
and almost anything is possible.
After watching the Green-tailed Towhee for a while we went to check a couple of reservoirs in the area.  It was the first time I had birded around Salamonie Reservoir.  We didn't see too much but studying some chickadees in their hybrid zone and a few Red-headed Woodpeckers at the Salamonie Interpretive Center provided some entertainment.  After Salamonie, we headed over to Mississinewa Reservoir.  A good number of Common Mergansers, some Redheads, and a few Hooded Mergansers were on the lake but the real highlight was a Ross's Goose.  

The Ross's Goose at Mississinewa

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Tim Schreckengost said...

That's an interesting Ross's Goose. The bill shows somewhat of a grin patch, but the rest of the bird looks good for one!