Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Greater Roadrunner in Arkansas

I didn't have long in Arkansas but figured I would spend a morning looking for Red-cockaded Woodpeckers in Ouachita National Forest along Pine-Bluestem Buffalo Road.  I camped in the area so I could be there at sunrise and I was not disappointed.  The morning started off well with a flyover Red Crossbill, which I have since learned is the furthest south that a Red Crossbill has been reported in Arkansas this year.  Tons of Pine Warblers and Eastern Bluebirds warming up in the sun, after a cold night, constantly sang all morning.  

A Red-cockaded Woodpecker in . . . Texas; I couldn't get a photo while
in Arkansas.  So you will probably see this photo again

After a little while, I heard then briefly saw a Red-cockaded Woodpecker, which I had only seen once before.  Their calls are quite unique and make if fairly easy to locate the birds when they are vocalizing.  A few Brown-headed Nuthatches moved by and I decided it was my time to move on and head to Texas!  While heading down the road out of the pine forests and into the fields that come with residential areas . . . a WHAT?  Greater Roadrunner in Arkansas! I had forgotten that this species' range extends into southwest Arkansas.  

A REALLY bad photo of one of two Greater Roadrunners.
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I saw one this week in Fayetteville