Saturday, March 23, 2013

Birding Bolivar Peninsula

Eric writes: Greetings from Tucson, AZ

I have arrived in Tucson, where I will be based until the end of May, while working for the Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory.  I should be able to catch up on posting and my species list for my trip (which can be seen at: over the next few days since I will, finally, have internet on a consistent basis.  

Here are a bunch of photos taken on Bolivar Peninsula in Texas, one of the best shorebirding spots on the entire Gulf Coast!

A Dunlin in its subdued nonbreeding plumage.
A very small portion of the 1000 or so American Avocets present!
Long-billed Curlew-look at that bill!
Burrowing Owl-I was watching a Reddish Egret on one side of the road,
only to turn around and find this owl watching me from the other side.
'Nother Dunlin-these guys were pretty bold and got quite close at times.
Marbled Godwit-one of my favorite shorebirds.
Red Knot-I don't get to see this species nearly enough, it had been a few
years.  This was the duller of two present.
Reddish Egret-The egret that I was watching while the Burrowing
Owl watched me.
Western Sandpiper-not exactly colorful but still a beautiful bird.


Kathie Brown said...

Welcome to Tucson, Eric! Love all the birds you saw in Texas! let me know if you want to go birding together sometime while you are here!

Eric Ripma said...

Thanks Kathie! We should definitely go birding together. I'll drop you an email sometime.