Monday, April 1, 2013

Answer to Bird Quiz #167 - Red Knot

This final quiz in our March series was quite tricky. We only got 2 correct answers this time! A winner for March will be contacted soon.

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How to Identify:

This week, our bird is quickly identifiable as some species of shorebird.  The gray head and back eliminate many species right off the bat.   Wandering Tattler, Willet, Surfbird, Rock Sandpiper, Purple Sandpiper, Red Knot, Sanderling, and Western Sandpiper all have pale gray backs and heads in at least one of their plumages.  The greenish legs eliminate Willet, Wandering Tattler, Surfbird, Sanderling, and Western Sandpiper.  That leaves us with Rock Sandpiper and Red Knot.  The pale gray back eliminates Rock Sandpiper; so our quiz bird is a Red Knot.  The gray barring on the sides and vent are also a good mark to help identify this individual as a Red Knot.

Next Quiz:

We will be doing another series of 4 quizzes in April. The first quiz can be found here, Good luck!

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