Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Answer to Bird Quiz #168 - Ladder-backed Woodpecker

We had a great number of responses to this week's quiz and almost everyone was able to figure out that this quiz bird was a Ladder-backed Woodpecker!

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How to Identify:

Everyone that sent in answers to this week's quiz was able to identify this as some species of woodpecker. From there it got a little bit trickier. One of the first things that you notice in this photo is the striped pattern on the face. This limits us on our potential species that we can choose from. Yellow-bellied Sapsucker shows a similar facial pattern but it eliminated because this individual does not show the black bib that a sapsucker would have. When you combine the red on the crown and the spotting on the sides, you should come be able to narrow it down to two species, Ladder-backed and Nuttall's. Both the buffyness of the chest and belly and the extent of red on the crown, it extents all the way to the eye, lead us to identify this as a Ladder-backed Woodpecker.

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The second quiz for April is up on at the following link http://nuttybirder.com/BirdQuiz/birdquiz.html#.UWQnIpOg6Sq.

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