Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Gila Monster!!!-Saguaro National Park

Eric writes:

The Gila Monster-just as cool as seeing an awesome bird

While surveying birds in Saguaro National Park this morning, the clear highlight was this Gila Monster while driving out of the park!  It's the first one I have ever seen and since I only have one bird survey in the desert left, my chances of seeing one were getting pretty slim.

A tarantula turns into prey
A creature that many people would prefer to not ever be close to . . . a tarantula.  This one was on the trail as I was hiking back from my survey.  I thought that the tarantula had found breakfast but a couple people have informed me it was being attacked.  The insect is a Tarantula Hawk which stings the tarantula.  This paralyzes the tarantula and the tarantual hawk lays an egg on it.  When the egg hatches the tarantula is used as a food source.


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure it's the other way around. The insect is a Tarantual Hawk which preys on Tarantulas and provisions their burrows with these large spiders for their young to eat.

Eric Ripma said...

Thanks for the correction! It sure seemed the other way around while I watched, but as far as I can tell from watching videos of these Tarantula Hawks online I was completely wrong.

CNA Training said...

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