Monday, June 17, 2013

Birding Magee Marsh in the Summer

Rob writes: A couple of weeks ago, I was in northwest Ohio for a Black Swamp Bird Observatory board meeting. When I got in on Saturday evening, I headed straight to the boardwalk at Magee Marsh to do a little birding and photography. I had never birded there in the summer and it was totally different than what you see in the spring. Yes, I knew most of the warblers would be gone but I did not realize how much vegetation would have grown up and how hard it would be to actually find birds. The nice thing is that there is almost no one around and that allowed me to work with each species that I did find to get good photos.

While many people overlook the many Yellow Warblers on the boardwalk during May, I spent a lot of my time watching and photographing this species during my walk. They were extremely cooperative and I got some of the best photos I have ever taken of this species. There were several Prothonotary Warblers around but none of them were cooperative but it was fun to watch them anyway. The most surprising find of the day was a very late Magnolia Warbler!

While it may not be the same as a May visit, I always have a great time on the boardwalk not matter what season it is!

The best photo of the very late Magnolia Warbler that I was able to get.
There are a bunch of Eastern Phoebes on the boardwalk in June!
Yellow Warblers are the most common warbler species on the boardwalk in June.
Another shot of one of the many Yellow Warblers on the boardwalk.
This Black-crowned Night-Heron was being chased around by a Red-winged Blackbird for several minutes.
As I was driving out of the parking lot, I noticed this Eastern Kingbird perched up on a post!

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