Thursday, June 6, 2013

Book Review: Backyard Birds: Looking Through the Glass

In this book, Glen Apseloff, a newer birder but experienced photographer, sets out to photograph as many birds as he can through the windows of his home and to write about his experience in Backyard Birds: Looking Through the Glass. Like many new birders, Glen at first finds it hard to believe that he can find very many species in his own backyard, but his results end up being fantastic!

By putting up feeders, Glen was able to attract a great variety of birds close to his house allowing him to get some amazing photographs. What started off as a project to create a calendar turned into a book when he found so many birds in his backyard that he could not fit them into just a 12 month calendar.

I would recommend this book for anyone that has doubts about the ability to find the natural world in their own backyards.  It's a great account of what can be seen by simply opening your eyes to the world right outside your window.

Title: Backyard Birds: Looking Through the Glass
Author: Glen Apseloff
Publisher: Ohio Distinctive Publishing
Publication Date: 2013

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