Thursday, June 20, 2013

Idaho Bird Surveys

Eric writes: Greetings from Grangeville, ID

For the past couple weeks I have been doing bird counts throughout Idaho.  The birds and scenery have been amazing and the change from the heat of Arizona to the cool north woods has been great.

Some of the bird/wildlife highlights have been:
Amazing looks at a Dusky Grouse.
Lots of Evening Grosbeaks.
A nesting Barred Owl.
A female Common Merganser with 8-9 babies
A quick look at a Spruce Grouse.
A Black Bear, 2 Moose, and Elk on the same day.
A pair of Long-eared Owls calling back and forth.

Just a few pictures from today . . .

The transect was on the other side of this river; it was a very cold start
to the morning.

Snow at the higher elevations was a surprise to me
as I ascended the mountains

Just another snow picture.

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Anonymous said...

Snow during a mid-June bird survey is definitely something different than one finds in Indiana! Pretty neat stuff. I'd love to hear duetting Long-eared Owls.

Amy Kearns