Monday, August 12, 2013

Recent Eagle Creek Park Sightings

Rob writes: Over the last couple of weeks, my birding has been pretty limited but I have been out to Eagle Creek Park on the west side of Indianapolis several times. The grasslands on the west side of the reservoir have been one of the best parts of the park this summer. Last week, I took a friend out to get his lifer Henslow's Sparrow and the birds did not disappoint! The photos did not turn out great due to poor lighting but we got amazing looks at the birds.

I had been hoping to find some reasonable shorebird habitat in central Indiana and I was very excited when one of our Indiana Young Birders found some mudflats on the north end of the reservoir. On Sunday morning, I decided to hike up to that part of the reservoir to see if there were any shorebirds. While the mudflats were not extensive by any means, the shorebirds were making use of them since they are just about the only suitable habitat in central Indiana. In addition to the usual species, Killdeer, Spotted, and Solitary Sandpiper, there were also Least, Semipalmated, and Baird's Sandpipers, and Semipalmated Plover! It seems like this will be the place to find shorebirds this fall in central Indiana and hopefully the water levels will continue to drop and expose more mudflats!

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