Friday, November 29, 2013

Snowy Owls in the Great Lakes Region

A Snowy Owl in the UP of Michigan
Eric writes: If you want to see a Snowy Owl, now is the time to be looking!  Over the past few weeks Snowy Owls have shown up all over the Great Lakes region.  

During most invasion years, the Snowy Owls start showing up in mid to late November depending on latitude.  Here in the southern Great Lakes region, the owls don't usually arrive until late November, then peak in the first two weeks of December (ebird arrival time).

Good luck in the next two weeks of prime Snowy Owl observation!

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localster said...

I'm seeing so many reports of these wonderful birds in the NE... I think it might be a matter of days before I see one here. More birds than usual anyway this season thanks to the yankee flipper!