Monday, December 9, 2013

Eagle Creek Park Sightings

Since most reports of birds at Eagle Creek Park don't include specific locations, here is a list, with locations, of some of the less common birds seen this past week, at the park.

Ross's Goose-present with a small flock of Canada Geese
next to a pond a 1/4 mile east of ECP on 71st Street


Greater White-fronted Goose-2, continuing from Thursday, present behind the Ornithology Center
Snow Goose-1, flying south from Rick's Boatyard
Ross's Goose-1, just east of the park at the intersection of 71st and Twelve Oaks Blvd, with a flock of Canada Geese, presumably roosts at the reservoir
Tundra Swan-from Rick's Boatyard
Wood Duck-1, behind the Ornithology Center
Redhead-4, from the Coffer Dam
Ring-necked Duck-1, from the Chatterton Drive overlook (just N of Rick's)
Lesser Scaup-1, from the Coffer Dam
White-winged Scoter-1, from the Coffer Dam
Bufflehead-1, behind the Ornithology Center
Common Goldeneye-12, south of the marina
Hooded Merganser-14, south of the marina
Common Merganser-2, from Rick's Boatyard
Red-breasted Merganser-8 from Rick's Boatyard, 2 from the Coffer Dam
Common Loon-1, from Rick's Boatyard
Horned Grebe-3 from Rick's Boatyard, 2 from the Coffer Dam

Ross's Goose


Northern Harrier-1, hunting over the coffer dam on 12/5


Bonaparte's Gull-16, from the Coffer Dam and the marina


Horned Lark-3, flyovers at the marina
Snow Bunting-reported during the week,surprisingly not a flyover, on the Coffer Dam


Fox Sparrow-multiple, at seed pile at the end of the Handicap Road, Skating Pond, and the South Fields (fields in the SE corner of the park).
Swamp Sparrow-1, at seed pile at the end of the Handicap Road

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