Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Snowy Owls: Project Snowstorm

Have you ever wondered what that Snowy Owl you are watching, does at night?  Or, do you have questions about where that Snowy Owl went, now that it has disappeared from the same field it has been hunting for a week?  Project Snowstorm is tracking Snowy Owls during this irruption years to answer questions such as these.  By tagging, healthy Snowy Owls, with GPS transmitters, researches are able to see exactly where a bird is at any one time.  So far, one interesting finding is that a Snowy Owl on the east coast has spent nights over the ocean, presumably hunting waterfowl.  For more information and to donate to help make the project a success go to http://www.projectsnowstorm.org/.  

Here are two Snowy Owls that I have seen during this invasion!

Snowy Owl from Muskegon, MI in December 2013

The same owl as above in flight.

Snowy Owl from Wabash, Indiana in December 2013

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