Thursday, February 13, 2014

Birding and Photography Trip to the East Coast

Eric and I will be joining our friend and Sabrewing Nature Tours partner, Brian Zwiebel, on a trip to the east coast to photograph some of the awesome waterfowl species in that area and to look for a few life birds that have eluded us since we've never been to the area!

This is the route that we are hoping to follow. Lots of birds to see and photograph, not very much time!
We'll fly into JFK in New York City and then head to some great birding and photography locations in Maryland, New Jersey, and New York. It's going to be a really quick trip but both Eric and I are hoping to pick up at least 5 lifers each in during the four day trip and to get some incredible photos of a variety of waterfowl especially Harlequin Duck, all three scotors, and if we are lucky, Common Eider!

Hopefully after this trip, Brian will be set to lead a waterfowl photo tour here next February for Sabrewing Nature Tours!

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