Thursday, February 27, 2014

Photographing Lesser Scaup

A Lesser Scaup coming in for a landing!

A major highlight on the east coast was having the chance to photograph Lesser Scaup in Maryland.  There were at least a couple hundred birds present and all were extremely tame.  There was also a nice mix of Canvasback and American Wigeon within the flock.  As always, it was much easier to capture images of the scaup in the water than in flight.  

Here are a few of the scaup photos that I took during our one day at the location.

A first cycle, male, Lesser Scaup

An adult, male, Lesser Scaup

I can't hear you!

A female Lesser Scaup

An adult male Lesser Scaup


Anonymous said...

I have been wrong before, but isn't the second photo a Great Scaup?

Eric Ripma said...

No, it is a Lesser Scaup although I can see why you could see it as a Greater. The scaup were diving a lot which makes head shape harder to judge but you can still make out a little bit of the peak towards the back of the head. In situations where birds are diving I would recommend studying the bill to be sure on id.