Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bird Banding in Johnsons Bayou, Louisiana

Eric writes: For the last week, I have been working with a team of researchers catching and banding (mostly) migrant passerines at a coastal chenier, a sandy or shelly beach ridge, in rural Louisiana.  I'll be working down here through mid-May so I'll have a good opportunity to band most of the eastern passerine migrants.  

Not only will we be catching some amazing birds, we have a house a block from the beach and a couple blocks from one of Louisiana's premier birding locations, Peveto Woods.  Watching the early migration along the coast has been exciting, with new birds showing up each day.

Here is one of my favorite birds that we have been banding . . . 

Hooded Warbler-Second Year Male, notice the greenish cast to the crown
to age it as a second year.
Hooded Warbler-After Second Year (ASY), again
notice the crown to age.

The same Hooded as above, an ASY male.

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