Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Off to Panama to See Canopy Tower and Lodge!

Rob writes: Panama has always been a birding destination that I've dreamed of visiting and I can't believe that Stephanie and I will be arriving there tonight! From the time I started seriously birding, everyone has always said that I needed to visit Panama and specifically Canopy Tower and that's exactly what I get to do this week.

In addition to being extremely excited to see this wonderful place myself, I'm equally excited to take Stephanie to the tropics for the first time and to see her reaction to watching wild toucans, parrots, and monkeys.

Canopy Tower is unlike any other birding lodge in the world as it's located in an old US Air Force radar tower. The base of the tower has been turned into lodging and the deck around the radar ball offers a panoramic view of the surrounding rain forest and the Panama Canal! Not only is it an incredibly scenic view, you get to see many of the birds that spend their time in the canopy at eye level.

A view of the Tower and the surrounding forest. (Thanks to Canopy Tower for the photo)
I can't wait to be standing on the observation deck tomorrow with my friends from Canopy Tower! (Thanks to Canopy Tower for the photo)
From there, we will travel a couple hours to the west and visit Canopy Lodge. This property is located at a higher elevation and offers the chance to see many additional species such as Yellow-eared Toucanet which is a species I have wanted to see for years.

Canopy Lodge will be our second stop while we are in Panama. (Thanks to Canopy Tower for the photo)
My friend Brian has also lent me some awesome photo equipment which I can't wait to use! Be sure to check back as I'll be posting photos from each of the lodges as time permits. We'll also be announcing a Sabrewing Nature Tours trip to Panama in October 2015 very soon! If you want to see all of the amazing places that I visit over the next couple weeks, keep an eye out for details for this trip that we will be announcing in just a few weeks.

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