Tuesday, October 28, 2014

On to Canopy Lodge and Many New Birds

Rob writes: After an extremely exciting morning of birding along the road to Canopy Tower, think ant swarm and a Crested Owl, we were ready to head on to Canopy Lodge about two hours away in El Valle. (You can read about our time at Canopy Tower here) This property sits at a higher elevation than Canopy Tower and offers a huge variety of birds that you just don't have to opportunity to see in the lower elevations of Panama.

The drive from Canopy Tower to Canopy Lodge was beautiful and the scenery certainly made the drive seem much shorter than two hours. As we pulling into Canopy Lodge, we were greeted by our guide and friend Eliecer. Although lunch was ready for us, we did stop to look at a few birds along the way and picked up a few lifers!

The forest surrounds you while staying at Canopy Lodge.

This is the main building at Canopy Lodge. It's a wonderful place to sit and watch many birds!

The rooms at Canopy Lodge are huge and very comfortable!
During lunch, we were lucky to have some time to chat with Raul Arias de Para and his family. Raul is the visionary that created and owns all of the Canopy Family properties. It was wonderful to hear his stories about how everything came together when he started Canopy Tower. Before we knew it, it was time to head off and do our first serious birding around Canopy Lodge.

Over the next few days, we birded at a wide variety of elevations from the beach all the way up to the cloud forests. We had 203 species during our 3.5 days of birding at the Canopy Lodge including 29 lifers for me!

Here are a few of our favorite photos from our time at Canopy Lodge. Photography was a little difficult here since we had cloudy weather for most of our trip.

Barred Antshrikes were very common in many of the birding areas that we visited.

While birding in the Pacific Lowlands, we found a huge group of
Fork-tailed Flycatchers! I think we could have spent all day photographing them.

Rufous Motmots are regularly seen around the Canopy
Lodge property. This photo was take from our room's deck.

Rufous-capped Warblers are one of the most common species in this area.

One of the target species when birding in the Pacific Lowlands is the Yellow-crowned
Parrot. Luckily, several of them perched and gave us great scope views!

Another target in the lowlands is Yellow-headed Vulture. Several
of them passed low overhead while we were birding in this area.
If you think that Panama sounds like an awesome birding desination and someplace you'd like to visit, consider joining me on our Sabrewing Nature Tours 2015 Panamanian birding adventure! You can learn all about the trip by following this link. Panama is my favorite birding destination that I have visited so far and I hope to get to show it to many of you in person!

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