Monday, December 29, 2014

Whitefish Point: Long-tailed Duck Migration

Eric writes:

One of the main reasons I wanted to count waterbirds at Whitefish Point was the large numbers of Long-tailed Ducks that migrate through the area.  This fall did not disappoint; a total of over 27,000 migrated by the point, most of which were recorded in October.  More than 8,300 flew by on a single day in October.  This flight consisted of a handful of flocks numbering between 400-500 birds; seeing flocks of this size is extremely impressive.

Take a look at the photo below.  How many Long-tailed Ducks, without individually counting, do you think are in this flock alone? (all birds in the photo are LTDUs)

A portion of one of the "big" Long-tailed Duck flocks.

Long-tailed Duck flocks continually shift from water-level to well above the water while they are flying.

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