Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Northern Saw-whet Owl at Maumee Bay State Park

Over the weekend, I made a quick road trip up to Northwest Ohio and was able to sneak a little birding in  while I was there. I saw one lifer during my trip, a Hoary Redpoll! You can read about that sighting here on the Birds & Blooms Blog.

After seeing the redpoll, I headed to Maumee Bay State Park to look for a Northern Saw-whet Owl. My friend Brian met me over there and took us to the spot for the owl. As we walked up, there were already people looking at the owl which made it very easy to spot!

Although there were a few branches in the way, I snapped this shot of the owl.
Late in the day, we were able to do a little more birding atthe Bayshore Fishing Access right on Lake Erie. There were tons of ducks but the real highlight was the volume of gulls in the area! In addition to the huge numbers of Ring-billed and Herring Gulls, we saw a few of the more uncommon species including, Glaucous, Iceland, and Great and Lesser Black-backed. I ended up seeing 43 total species on the day!

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