Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A Wonderful Day at Goose Pond FWA

This past Saturday, I traveled south for 2 hours to the incredible Goose Pond FWA in Greene County, Indiana. I had been asked by a small group to lead them around the property for a few hours so they could see all of the fantastic birds in the area.

Although I wasn't meeting my group until 10, I arrived early so I could see what was around in order to decide when to take my group. It didn't take long to see that we were going to have a great day at Goose Pond. I hadn't quite made it to the property when a Red-headed Woodpecker flew across the road and perched close enough for me to click off a couple quick shots. I scouted a few more areas and then headed to meet up with my group. Although they were all new birders, they were excited to get out and see new birds!

It's always a highlight to see Red-headed Woodpeckers.
For me, the best part of the day was the amazing number of waterfowl covering the area. Pretty much everywhere that we stopped, there were tons of ducks to check out!

There were many Green-winged Teal around and the species was one of the favorites my group got to see!

There weren't very many American Wigeon found during our trip.

We had great views of many Northern Pintail including some males in beautiful breeding plumage!
The 300+ American White Pelicans that are currently migrating through the area were all congregated in one unit which was quite a sight to see!

One of my favorite parts of the early spring at Goose Pond is the huge number of American White Pelicans that migrate through the area.
Our final stop was to check for shorebirds in Field C on the south end of Goose Pond. Although the birds weren't as close as when I checked the spot earlier in the day, there were still plenty of shorebirds to be seen. In addition to the usual early arrivals, I was happy to see that the two Long-billed Dowitchers that other birders had found earlier in the day were still there!

It was a wonderful day to be in the field with sunny skies, warm temperatures, and lots of birds!

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