Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Spotlight on a Hotspot: San Elijo Lagoon

Rob writes: I was recently working on making a list of birding hotspots around the country for an article that I will be part of in Birds & Blooms Magazine later this year, and I got to thinking...there are some incredible birding sites around the US, and the world for that matter, so we need to get back to talking about some of the best ones here on the blog!

This week's featured hotspot is San Elijo Lagoon in Encinitas, California. I've visited San Elijo on each of the several occasions that I've taken a birding trip to Southern California and always find that it has awesome birds!

San Elijo has several access points, but my favorite is off of North Rios Avenue where you can park along the street. The trails are well maintained and give you access to much of the property, allowing you the opportunity to find numerous bird species.
I've always found San Elijo Lagoon to be a great place to see and photograph California Gnatcatchers.
The lagoon portion of the property is a great place to find waterfowl and shorebirds in the proper season and has hosted some great rarities including Curlew Sandpiper. Along the trials, be on the look out California Gnatcatchers, Bushtits, Wrentits, and many other songbirds.

Hummingbirds, like this Anna's are common around San Elijo Lagoon.
You can learn more about San Elijo Lagoon on their website and you can find the full list of birds that have been reported to eBird here.

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