Thursday, May 21, 2015

Quivira NWR Birding

Greetings from Great Bend, KS

If you've never been to Quivira, you should make the time to visit during shorebird migration.  Thousands of shorebirds use this Kansas refuge each year during migration; with more than 20 species possible on any given day it's a must-visit refuge for a birder.  It's a very well birded refuge but portions of it are relatively unbirded, except by one of the park staff.  Luckily he gave us tips on some of the better woodlots and drove us around the refuge roads that are closed to the public.

Now, off to Colorado.  There's never enough time, always on the road . . .

For a rarity at Quivira, a Pine Warbler has to be one of the more boring

Snowy Plover-a common nesting species at Quivira

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