Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Enjoying my Time at the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival

I've just returned back home in Indiana after spending a wonderful 6 days guiding field trips for the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival (RGVBF) in south Texas. There are many events that I look forward to attending year after year and the RGVBF is certainly one of them. The birding is always fantastic and like all of the big festivals, it brings together many of my birding friends from all over the world that I only get to see a few times a year.

I enjoyed watching as many as eight Anhingas at a small fish hatchery.
During my five days of birding, I saw 160 species including some of the awesome RGV specialties such as Green Jay, Altamira Oriole, Plain Chachalaca, and Olive Sparrow as well as the very rare for Texas "Western" Flycatcher (either a Pacific-slope or Cordilleran).

Many people have identified this as a Pacific-slope Flycatcher based on its call but it didn't vocalize while I was watching it so I'll just leave it as "western" flycatcher.
If you've never attended the RGVBF, I highly recommend that you consider coming in 2016. Keep an eye on the festival's website for more information.

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