Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Book Review: Wildlife of the Galapagos

Wildlife of the Galapagos couldn't have arrived at a better time. I'm in the midst of preparing for a trip to the Galapagos Islands late this summer and it turns out, this is a book that will come in very handy while I'm on that trip.

This book is part of the Princeton Pocket Guides series and it certainly fits the bill as a pocket-sized guide. It covers the birds, reptiles, mammals, underwater life, invertebrates, and plants of these famous islands in a compact form that would be easy to carry in the field. Overall, I found the photographs used in the book to be very helpful, with the only exception being the difficult to identify Galapagos finches.

My favorite section of the book is the part on Visitor Sites. This section offers a detailed map, species to watch for, and a short paragraph with other various details for 89 sites. You will find this helpful when picking an itinerary for your trip to the Galapagos.

Overall, this seems like a book that you must take with you on a trip to these famous islands.

Title: Wildlife of the Galapagos
Author: Julian Fitter, Daniel Fitter, and David Hosking
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Publication Date: March 30, 2016

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